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Furniture Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning

We do more than just clean carpets at Ric’s Carpet Cleaning. We also do furniture cleaning and upholstery cleaning so that your home get the clean treatment it deserves. If you have kids or pets, you know how odors can stains can start to appear on furniture. This is true if you host family and friends or are just around your home a great deal.

In any active home, the upholstery gets a real workout along with the rest of the furniture. Stains can appear over time, food and other particles will cover the upholstery and before you know it the furniture your first purchased will not look the same.

However, you do not have to accept the stains and odors as part of your furniture anymore. Thanks to our furniture and upholstery cleaning service, we can restore much of the look that it had when you first purchased them as well as provide a fresh, clean smell.

upholsteryFurniture Cleaning

Furniture dulls over time, picking up dirt, dust, food crumbs, germs, and pollen which creates stains, blemishes and smells. While traditional cleaning methods that are available to most residents can take away some of the stains and odors, they simply do not match what a professional cleaning company can do.

Ric’s Carpet Cleaning as the equipment to get deep into the furniture and reach places heretofore untouched so that all the dirt, debris, and particles are removed. Our professional staff knows how to properly clean the furniture to remove the stains and the odors in a prompt and complete manner.


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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery can be ordinary fabrics up to leather and more. However, even the best upholstery will develop stains over time which will dull its appearance. Our unique cleaning services use environmentally safe products that actually remove the stains while leaving the upholstery materials alone so that the furniture will return to its former, like new appearance.

We not only use the best in terms of cleansers, but we also have the equipment to properly clean the upholstery and provide fast drying as well so that you can get back to enjoying your furniture in no time. Our cleaning services are thorough and are backed with a guarantee of service.

Why You Should Choose Our Furniture Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning Services

At Ric’s Carpet Cleaning, we’ve been cleaning furniture and upholstery for over three decades. We provide the professional experience, proper cleansers and equipment to ensure the best cleaning possible when it comes to your furniture and upholstery. Our professional training and experience means that you get the best when it comes to getting rid of the stains on your furniture and upholstery.

We back our service with a guarantee that if the job is not done properly that we will be back to correct what has been done for free. We invite you to call our friendly, courteous staff that will answer all of your questions and set an appointment date convenient for you so that your furniture and upholstery can be properly cleaned by the best in the business.